What are the uses of silicone cleaning gloves?

Now women all love beauty, and the face is the most important part for them, followed by the hands. However, anyone who does housework knows that washing dishes frequently is very hurtful. In order to protect their hands, many people like to wear gloves, but ordinary plastic gloves have an unpleasant smell and are easy to slip, and the bowl will be broken accidentally. However, the emergence of silicone cleaning gloves has solved this problem very well. It can not only be used directly to wash dishes, but also has no unpleasant temperature, high and low temperature resistance, and is very durable. The following is a brief introduction to the role of silicone cleaning gloves.

What are the uses of silicone cleaning gloves1

1. Silicone cleaning gloves are non-slip. The silicone material has a large sliding friction with the body skin. When washing dishes, you can firmly suck the dishes on your hands, and you don't have to worry about breaking the dishes due to slippery hands.

2. Easy to foam. Silicone cleaning gloves use a whole piece of soft thorns in the palm of the hand. Compared with sponges, the total contact area is much larger. Compared with towels, the same detergent produces more bubbles and is more convenient to rub . This silicone cleaning glove uses less detergent to get more foam and stronger cleaning power, which saves cost and energy for washing dishes.

3. Heat insulation and anti-scalding. Silicone cleaning gloves can not only be used for washing dishes, but also can take meals in the microwave oven, and birthday cakes in the electric oven, eliminating the need to use hands or towels to pad and feel hot and distressed. In general, silicone rubber cleaning gloves are good assistants for washing dishes, bakery shops, and transporters for soup and hot pot restaurants. They are convenient to handle and safer to serve dishes.

Of course, the role of SONICE silicone cleaning gloves is more than that. As a silicone household cleaning and kitchen product, it is also moisture-proof, oil-resistant, and scald-proof. Rubber gloves + dish brush are multi-functional. It can wash fruits, vegetables and fruits, and prevent hands from touching them in winter. Cold water can clean every corner of the home. It is wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, durable, does not hurt hands, easy to use, easy to use, and a must-have skill in the home.

Post time: Feb-07-2023